Marketing in a nutshell
We feel strongly that how your home is marketed plays a critical in role when it comes to why someone would want to buy it. Marketing your home is designed to shed light on its best features to prospective buyers and buyer agents. We are proud to offer all of our marketing materials, strategies and tools at no additional cost to you as our sellers. We also strive to make the time before your home hits the market as stress-free as possible for you as our client. There is an ancient proverb that says “First Impressions Are The Most Lasting” and we couldn’t agree more. That’s why part of our promise to you is that your home is ‘stage ready’ and brings the ‘wow’ factor the minute it hits the open market !
Let’s Get Social!
In this day and age, social media continues to play a huge role in how we navigate our everyday lives. Increasingly, buyers and sellers turn to the internet to find their realtors and even their dream homes. That’s why we continue to work diligently to use all forms of advertising to get your home the most exposure possible. We use paid advertising offered through Facebook and Instagram and target specific groups in a designated area to ensure that everyone who should see your home, does! Like the neighbourhood ad mail cards, social media allows prospective buyers to reach out through instant messaging or comments on a post to which we are able to reply instantly. A great example of the power of social media was with our listing in March 2018 on 228 Twyn Rivers Drive in Pickering. We had our videographer put together an incredible home tour (more on that later) which was viewed thousands of times in a matter of two days. From that video alone, we had 4 inquiries, 3 of which were through Facebook alone. Though we most certainly know that social media can only do so much, we do feel that it offers an added value like no other when marketing your beautiful home!
Home Staging: Ready Stage Sold
I often get asked how and why staging a home can play such a significant role in the selling process. There are pages and pages of statistics I could show you to answer that question, but to put it simply, it gives buyers a better sense of what their ‘life’ would look like, in your home. Staging allows prospective buyers to mentally visualize themselves living in your home before they make the decision to purchase it. Staging is not meant to take away from your own sense of style and decor, but rather, is used to enhance it and give buyers a better sense of how their own likings and taste could pair nicely with your home’s finishes and features. As an accredited staging professional, I work diligently to ensure your home is ready for the market at no cost to you. I am continually updating my inventory of staging items to keep up with style trends so your home is sure to impress prospective buyers when it hits the market!
Myhomeviewer – Video Tour
We are so excited about our marketing strategies this year! For one, we’ve really kicked it up a notch and have added some exciting features. Namely, our video tours! Matt of ‘Myhomeviewer’ works wonders and does an amazing job of putting your home’s best foot forward. The video tour takes roughly 1 hour to put together and is posted on our Facebook, Instagram and Youtube as well as promoted through paid advertising on social media for maximum exposure. Additionally, the video tour is linked to your home’s listing through the multiple listing service so buyer agents see it as soon as your home hits the market.The video tour highlights your home’s best features that aren’t always captured in photographs. It allows prospective buyers to get a better feel for what your home has to offer and makes it easy to imagine what it might be like to walk through your home - meaning a greater chance they might book a showing to do just that! Overall, we feel that the videos are increasingly well-received online and play an important role in getting your home sold in a timely manner

Pixels Alive - Professional Photography
We have worked with Peter of Pixels Alive for longer than we can remember and he continuously surprises us with his talent, professionalism and ability to capture your home in the best light. Like the video tour, professional photos truly matter when it comes to marketing your home to esnure you get top dollar. The photos are uploaded to MLS the day your home hits the market and not a minute later. This is critical to marketing your home as it lets buyer agents see your home - meaning - they will be able to tell whether or not it might work for their clients. No photos means less interest (if any) and can truly harm your home’s chances of being seen, and sold. Peter is always finding new innovative ways to up the ante when it comes to showcasing your home and something we are really proud to offer our clients is a comprehensive 3D tour of their home. If you’re not familiar with this process, it works similarly to Google Maps in that you can select areas in the home you’d like to check out and it brings you there.
Monthly Neighbourhood Admail
These are delivered to over 5000 homes in Durham Region and showcase properties that we have on the market, have recently sold or are coming soon. This allows for optimum exposure when it comes to your home and provides prospective buyers with a simple no-hassle way to get in contact with myself with any questions about a property they might see, and like! These cards solicit significant interest and allow buyers to get a glimpse into what your home may offer. Rather than simply relying on or a similar home search engine; these cards are in the hands of prospective buyers and get the phone ringing! The cards are designed to ‘stand out’ and encourage people to have a look. We find that often times, even if they themselves aren’t looking to buy right this minute, they may know someone who is and can pass along your home’s information. Overall, they are a great way to generate interest in your home !

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