Post-Secondary Student Housing | To Rent Or To Buy?

As a mother of two whose kids both decided on post-secondary education away from home, the first thing (of many) that came to mind was where they’d live after the first year of residence – something I think most parents wonder (read: worry) about – especially if it’s your first time around sending your child off to school. My daughter spent her first year in residence at Laurier’s Brantford...

Renting versus Buying | Am I throwing away my money?

Being in Real Estate, I often get asked different things about the market by people from all walks of life but when it came to my kids, both in their mid-twenties, and their friends, I found myself getting asked the same question: “Am I throwing away my money by renting?” If the answer was simple, well, I wouldn’t be writing this blog post! But I hope to shed some light on the pros, and cons, of...

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